Our water is our future.

Clean water is a basic human right, and access to clean water ensures our city–including every child and family in every neighborhood–will thrive for generations.

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We Are #OneJXN

We believe our city has the talent and will to produce ideas and solutions that ensure every person thrives. When we work together as One JXN, we can solve the tough problems, take advantage of new opportunities, and create new possibilities in every neighborhood across our city.

We believe water is foundational to our future, so our current focus is helping our neighbors navigate and understand our city’s challenged water system.

One JXN aims to provide accurate and reliable information about what is happening with the Jackson water system, where Jackson residents can access clean water, and the long-term implications of current and future work on the water system.

We are here to support and sustain a shared vision by connecting people with possibilities that contribute to immediate and ongoing solutions. By elevating community voices, we can directly combat the barriers that prevent Jackson’s water system from being equitable and effective for every resident.

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One JXN Water Campaign Updates

JXN Water Releases Financial Operations Plan for Water System

On Friday, January 27, Ted Henifin, interim third-party manager for the water system, released the first draft of the financial management plan for JXN Water. According to Mississippi Today, “Henifin will spend the next few months receiving feedback from the public, with the goal of having a new revenue model to fund the water system in place on Oct. 1.”

The plan includes proposed changes to the rate structure and governance of the water system. We are working on a document and video that explains what these potential changes mean for residents and businesses.

Mississippi Senate Committee Approves Bill to Create Regional Water Authority for Jackson’s Water System

Senate Bill 2889, called the “Mississippi Capitol Region Utility Act”, would transfer ownership of Jackson’s water system from the city to a nine-member board, with five members appointed by the governor and lieutenant governor.

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Stay Connected

Water keeps our children and our communities safe and healthy, and is the foundation for growth and opportunity. If you want to do your part in ensuring Jackson residents have access to clean water, please connect with us today.

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